What We Do

Getting your pet back to what you both love most...play!


Some of our favorite canine clients and areas of expertise:

  • Recent knee surgery patients

  • Neurological pets

  • Old dogs with arthritis 

  • Dogs with knee injuries who aren’t candidates for surgery

  • Dogs with tendon tears, fractures and developmental abnormalities 

  • Dogs who benefit from laser for pain relief 

  • Sporting dogs who need training before competitions

Whidbey Canine Conditioning & Rehabilitation Briar Rose Dog Treadmill

Briar Rose

Briar Rose is one of our favorite patients, maybe because she has come so far.  She began seeing us when she tore a cruciate ligament in her knee.  Briar did not want anyone touching her or especially especially touching that leg. She had even gone so far as to bite innocent veterinarians. Treatment involved a TPLO surgery and then weekly rehabilitation. Briar warmed up slowly as she realized Whidbey Canine is calm & quiet and all about being rewarded with praise & treats for getting on soft equipment. By the time she had her second TPLO surgery and returned for more rehab, she knew the ropes and ran right in to have her “gym day” with Dr. Stephanie.

“You are a miracle worker, Briar is SO much happier in SO many ways because of you! She really loves you and your time together!” —Susan

Some of our favorite feline clients and areas of expertise:

  • Injured cats 

  • Cats with arthritis

  • Older kitties who benefit from laser and massage for pain relief

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou has been through more than her fair share of ups and downs.  A New York City stray as a kitten, her lovely owner adopted & treated her when she realized she had a broken leg.  Later on in her cushy indoor life a nasal carcinoma was discovered and she experienced the best of oncology treatment at Colorado State Veterinary College. Now at 19, she gets weekly massage & laser for those arthritic joints that most cats get simply from an active life of jumping up and down off counters.

Whidbey Canine Conditioning & Rehabilitation Lucy Lou Cat
“Lucy’s weekly 'spa days' at WCCR have tremendously helped with her mobility and overall well-being. Dr. Stephanie’s therapeutic massage, manual and laser therapy is gentle and healing. Lucy is so relaxed and naps all the way home! Heartfelt thanks for helping my sweet kitty enjoy her golden years!“ —Emily
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