What We Do

Getting your dog back to what you both love most...play!

Dogs (and cats) benefit from physical rehabilitation  (physical therapy for pets) after surgery or injuries just like we do. Rehab after knee or cruciate repair surgeries greatly improves outcome. Older, arthritic dogs can benefit from laser therapy and regular, prescribed joint movement. Overweight dogs will love the easy, positive conditioning that helps them get up in the morning. And sporting dogs can use the treadmill, core exercises and exercise equipment to get in shape before competition.


We will rehab your animal using multiple modalities (laser, TENS, massage, ice/heat) at our office and develop a specific set of exercises for your dog (or cat) and teach you and your pet how to perform the exercises at home or at our clinic “gym.” Using our services, you can help your best friend recover from an injury or prevent them from happening in the first place. We use positive training and have been certified “Fear Free”.


Research shows that physical rehabilitation helps animals heal quicker, gain better muscle strength, improve range of motion and return to normal function quickly after injury or surgery than those without rehab. Rehab has benefits in preventative medicine and chronic conditions such as arthritis. Conditioning (physical fitness) can help your dog lose weight and prevent injuries whether it is a couch potato, a weekend warrior, or a competitor in agility or other dog sport. We take referrals from our local veterinarians and enjoy working closely with them.

Whidbey Canine Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

Consultation may take up to one hour and includes reviewing referral DVM records, physical exam, lameness evaluation, discussion of goals and creating the rehabilitation or conditioning plan.

Whidbey Canine Conditioning & Rehabilitation Treadmill
Treadmill alone

To improve joint mobility in young and old, improve conditioning and aid in weight loss. Discount packages available.


Session includes physical exercises, treadmill, and appropriate modalities such as TENS or therapeutic ultrasound.

Laser only

Treatments with the Class IV Companion Animal Health Laser reduce pain and inflammation and improve healing. Discount packages available.


Employs tailored massage therapies such as manual lymphatic drainage, massage to relieve inflammation, and more, to aid in pain relief, improve joint mobility and circulation, and relax muscles.


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