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What We Do

Dogs (and cats) benefit from physical rehabilitation (physical therapy for pets) after surgery or injuries just like we do.  Older, arthritic dogs can benefit from laser therapy and regular, prescribed joint movement. Overweight dogs will love the easy, positive conditioning that helps them get up in the morning. And sporting dogs can use the treadmill, core exercises and exercise equipment to get in shape before competition. Even couch potato dogs (and cats) enjoy training and exercise.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Garlichs, MS, DVM, CCRP,  draws on her 25 years of veterinary experience, her Master’s degree in Animal Behavior, her training in rehabilitation and massage, to gently guide your dog or cat to a healthier life and improved well-being.


After many years of seeing dogs and cats suffer from incredible injuries and slowly heal from surgery, Stephanie is now focusing on Conditioning and Rehabilitation of companion animals. This is the science and art of returning animals to healthier lives, helping them recover more quickly from surgery, preparing them for sporting events, and making their aging go as smoothly as possible for both pet and owner.


Stephanie is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP, University of Tennessee) and a Small Animal Massage Practitioner (SAMP,  Northwest School of Animal Massage). She treats each animal individually bringing all her knowledge and compassion to each case.

Stephanie and her husband Jeff enjoy spending time with family and friends while traveling.  They started a non-profit organization The Ethiopian Education Fund to support students in a small Ethiopian village in which they lived for two years. They share their home with their two dogs, a shelter-special Chica and Australian Shepherd Kip.

Our Services

We will physically rehabilitate your companion,  train and prepare a set of exercises for your dog (or cat) to do at home or at our clinic “gym” to help them recover from or prevent an injury.

We are the only veterinary office on Whidbey Island specializing in rehabilitation.

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